Welcome to Project Z!
Currently in Beta 0.3

Project Z is a website created for anyone who would like to expand their game collection for a very low price. How low? Well, the only currency you will be spending here is your Steam inventory.

How does it work?

The items you can find in your Steam inventory have been assigned a number of points that they are worth, as listed below:

Craftable TF2 weapons 0.10 points each
Random Steam Backgrounds & Emotes 0.10 points each
Random CS:GO Skin 0.10 points each
Random Dota 2 Items 0.10 points each
Trading Cards 0.50 points each
TF2 Refined 1 point each
Booster Packs 2 points each
TF2 Hats 1.5 points each
1000 gems 6 points each
TF2 ToD Tickets 7 points each
TF2 Keys 20 points each
CS:GO Crate Keys 25 points each
Trading in games 3 points per game
Contact Zyddie for info

The rules are very simple. In order to exchange games on our market, you need to trade your items in for points.

Once you have traded your items in, your points will be added to your profile on the Project Z website. Now all that's left is browsing through our market, picking your games, and buying them, paying with your points.

Sounds simple enough? Then go for it. We hope you enjoy being a part of Project Z, and playing all your new games.

Click here to send a Trade Offer to get started!

Make sure to add "Project-Z Points" in the comment field.

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